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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 12, 2014 4:00am-5:01am PST

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good morning, america, this morning, wicked weather, torrential rains cause deadly floods as high winds tear through the south, collapsing construction. while bulldozers and boats rescue people from rising waters caused by mass i have ice jams. when will the dangerous weather end? game over for a-rod, after a history-making suspension for yankees super star al lex rodrigu rodriguez, what's the next move? can he make a comeback? >> unholy act? prosecutors show how a baptist pastor brutally murdered his wife. his lawyer this morning. >> saviors in the sky, hero
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nurses springing into action to save a pilot having a medical emergency in the cockpit. what happened after a white knuckle landing? hey, good morning. and pope francis making news once again, overnight, baptizing 32 infants in the sistine chapel. a lot of happy parents looking on. two of the children named francesca. >> what a fitting name. we're in the midst of a big spike in the flu. the number one myth of the flu, it's one we share and could put us at great risk. right to the severe weather, dangerous flooding following the arctic blast. gio benitez has the story.
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>> it seems we have every kind of winter weather, it's causing a mess. look at the verizon center. a leak during the washington wizards game against the houston rockets causing an hour's worth of delays. it's a wet weekend everywhere. a fast-moving storm pounded the east coast, producing dangerous flooding conditions from new england to georgia. look at this suv in florida on what was once a road beside the canal. and buffalo, new york, residents in 20 homes evacuated by bulldozer after the buffalo creek flooded the roadway. and in near by seneca, boats sent to rescue people. and in ohio, residents evacuated by fire fighters. two people rescued from a car in flood waters.
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the warming temperatures causing flooding in low-lying areas. in atlanta, georgia, a 14-year-old girl trapped after strong winds sent a tree crashing through the roof of the mobile home. >> delicate situation. we had to keep the tree stable so it didn't continue to fall. >> she is in the hospital in serious condition. in north carolina, up to 90 mile per hour winds causing condos under construction to collapse. the roof of this gun shop outside of charlotte, caved in by the downpours. >> i said we have to get out of here, the walls are coming in. >> throughout the frozen zones, major ice jams pushing rivers over their banks and into streets and communities. caving in this philadelphia parking lot after 13 gallons of water rushed in. and the good news is, it is much warmer than last week all over the country with that polar vortex. we saw it in chicago. >> 5 degrees is balmy.
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>> not that we don't trust you, but we're going to get official word from chris knowles. good morning. >> good morning. we're going from severe to serene in the southeast, 58 in charlotte and drier. a nicer day for your sunday forecast. look at the temperatures, still mild, 70 in orlando. that's the good news. but with the warmer temperatures, a little bit of bad news in new england, flood watches and warnings in effect. a flood threat. as geo witnessed, ice forms and has to melt. that's happening. ice jams and river rises to be concerned with. head out west for video, to portland, oregon. they have a wind problem. look at the trees down all over the city with wind gusts last night calming down a little bit today. but still wind a problem in the west. back out to the map now, continue to talk about the
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northwest and the other problem with the winds. also some snow out there for the northwest. it'll be piling up. now, into the inner mountain region. 70 mile an hour winds, and the snow, one to three feet coming up. the return of the polar vortex? >> say it isn't so. thank you. turn now to baseball's best-known slugger slapped with the biggest drug-related suspension in major league baseball history. alex rodriguez sidelined for the season and any playoff games. he vows to fight the ban. some are wondering if this is the end of his career. not that big of a surprise. >> not a huge surprise. but interesting. he was the golden boy of baseball. now he's defiant. he's laying out his plans and speaking out against major league baseball. swing and a miss for alex rodriguez, hit with a
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record-setting 162-game ban after violating the drug policy and interfering with the biogenesis investigation. while an arbitrator brought it down from the original 211 games, he's out until the 2015 season when he'll be almost 40 years old. >> this is my whole life, my legacy. >> he says, quote, the number of games is sadly no surprise. the deck has been stacked against me since day one. day one referring to the biogenesis scandal that suspended 12 other players alongside him. >> it sends a very powerful message. >> but this ball game is far from over. the 14-time all-star plans to take this case to federal court
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confident that the judge will find the panel blatantly disregarded and the law and the facts and will overturn the suspension. >> a-rod is going to continue. he's doing it for himself and maybe his ego. >> a bitter battle. so different from the a-rod first debuted with the seattle mariners at age 19. >> could have been a hero. and he's done so much to harm himself. >> now with mark mcfwo mcgwire barry bonds and others tainted by performance-enhancing drugs. >> he chose this path and paying the consequences. >> he vows to get back on the field for the yankees. they still owe him a cool $61 million. ron, i know that makes you happy. >> that's a lot of money. >> he clearly is not done fighting. could it be overturned by a federal judge? >> it's a long shot.
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he's acting for two things. stop it from being complemented, and seek to have it overturned. bring it to a federal judge. both are long shots. the judge would have to say this arbitrator was egregious in making the decision. it's not going to happen. >> what do you think the shots would have been if he hadn't come across as so unsympathetic? >> it hurts him. but he's exercising his right to fight it. there's so much evidence against him. none of it would be in court, he says. but he works for major league baseball. he's in the league. and they're subject to arbitration. it's a different system. >> a lot of money and ego on the line. thank you very much for the report this morning. back over to ron claiborne for another look at the morning's news. good morning, everyone. in the news, the body of former israeli prime minister ariel sharon is in parliament today.
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the dignitaries and resident cans pay respects. vice president joe biden is h d heading to the funeral tomorrow. he was 85 years of age. and the fbi now believes all the gunman who stormed the upscale mall in kenya died in the attacks. there's no evidence they escaped. al-qaeda-linked militants claimed responsibility. four suspects with alleged ties to the gunman have been charged by kenyan authorities. 67 people were killed in the attack. and at the vatican, the infants filled the sistine chap chapel. the pontiff poured water over the heads of the babyies welcoming to the church.
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and two names francesca, possibly for the new pope. and a terrifying plane ride for two illinois men. now watch this video. that -- see there? that was a goose spritriking th windshield sending debris and feathers in the cockpit. the two guys were a bit shaken up. >> saw the four geese, the next thing, things are flying around. i have a death grip on this little thing over here and just holding on for dear life. >> and the pilot says he intends to get back into the cockpit as soon as he gets the windshield fixed. the goose was fatally injured in that attack. and medals are being handed out in russia, but not for the olympics, but for another competition that's heating up in sochi right now. hundreds of volunteers entered a
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casting call to hand out the medals. they must be women, at least 17 years of age, 5'7", and attractive with an enchanting smile. pretty enchanting smiles. it resembles a beauty pageant, instead of one winner, there are 120. and finally in the nfl, you can file this under what was he thinking? it happened during the seahawks/saints game. you were tuned in watching as the saints were trailing with eight seconds left. and drew brees threw a completion to marcus colston at the sideline. didn't run out of bounds, and made an illegal forward pass for a penalty which ran out the clock. in theory they could have caught up in the final seconds. one of the worst laterals in pro football history. the -- look at that. >> what was he -- >> desperation.
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bad idea. it was a long shot to catch them. >> not great news for robin roberts. >> no, not great news for new orleans. >> thank you, ron. bad news for hundreds of thousands of people in west virginia who's drinking water is contaminated by a chemical spill. we're learning that the spill was worse than initially believed. so how long until people can drink the water out of their taps? abc susan salny is in charleston once against. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. if there's any little bit of tiny good news, it's that state officials say the testing shows the contamination level is going down, it's just not down far enough. water in west virginia is still unusable. >> utter chaos. eyes burning. >> i can't take a shower, it's going to be ugly. >> reporter: local tap water not good for drinking or even washing dishes. the question, when will this
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problem be fixed? >> take it out the door left and right. >> reporter: government agencies are monitoring contamination levels. state officials say it's soon that it's safe for some daily shorts, but can't pinpoint when. >> how long have we been drinking this water anyway? >> reporter: authorities say 7,500 of a toxic chemical used to process coal leaked into the river from freedom industries, upstream from a water treatment plant. poisoning the water that serves 300,000 people. >> the chemical leak is unacceptable. we have to make sure this incident doesn't happen again. >> reporter: it's drawn the attention of numerous watchdog groups, including erin brokovich. >> i'm great with people. >> reporter: and fema is on hand delivering 1 million gallons of
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clean water. many are starting to have serious questions about the health risks from the exposure. and this woman has take an bath and now claim this is rash on her leg is a direct result. >> the smell was so strong we had to cover our faces up and everyone -- i had headaches, and i still do to this day have a headache. >> reporter: the chemical plant has apologized to the people in and around charleston and maintains it's fully cooperating with the investigation and the cleanup. >> bizarre and scary story. thanks. turn to the blue. 35 states now reporting widespread activity, up from 25 last week. and more than 60% of hospitalized patients are between 18 and 64, twice as many as last year. and tamaflu is in low supply.
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this is a stronger bug than last year. what are the biggest myths about the flu? >> the biggest one, and i hear it every day is that the flu is just a bad cold. the reality is, nothing could be further from the truth. the symptoms are not subtle. very high fever, severe headache, body aches, fatigue, deep, deep cough and chest pain. these symptoms can last for a week, you can be contagious one day before and up to a week after. >> see your doctor if they are feeling bad. >> and if you relapse, that's a warning sign. >> how alarming is the tamaflu shortage? >> the bad news is the shortage. it's not surprising in the flu season, this should have been expected. the good news is it's expected to be temporary. we're talking about the form of the medication given to children. that can still be made at pharmacies by opening up the capsules and mixing. you never want to hear of a
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shortage. >> you're an ob/gyn, how important is it for pregnant women to be vaccinated? >> it's recommended by the cdc, mid wives. i have seen a pregnant woman die of the flu. it only has to happen once, not to be taken lightly. >> and not too late to get -- >> absolutely not, plenty of vak teen. >> love the hair. >> thank you. and dropping this morning in the chris christie bridge scandal, one new jersey democrat is using the i word, impeachment. and now to martha raddatz, what's the sense, can the governor survive the scandal? >> good morning to you, dan. well, certainly what we have seen so far is the apology from chris christie over and over and over again that he's sad, that
4:17 am
he's sorry this happened, that he's fired a couple of people on his staff. and so far there is really nothing on chris christie himself. if that continues, he can survive, i think. >> right, but there are at least two investigations, the u.s. attorney is investigating, and the legislature continues to investigate. there are perhaps more shoes to drop. i was in trenton on the day he held the famous nearly two-hour long press conference. and i spoke to democrats. we have to take this with a grain of salt from the opposing party. they were selling me stories of being bullied by the governor. as he runs for president, will the bully reputation dog him going forward? >> i think it probably will. i've looked at that press conference a couple of times now, read all the press since then, and that bully word comes
4:18 am
up over and over and over again. we run the video of seeing him very confrontational, very aggressive. but when you think about it, the people of new jersey elected him. they kind of like that reputation. they kind of like that aggressiveness. but what happened in the last few days, and what happened in september, reinforces that. whether that's a good or a bad thing, we'll have to wait and see. >> righting with the question is does the asset become a liability. and martha has a big show this morning, breaking down the christie scandal with rudy giuliani, and, of course, the powerhouse roundtable. and now the rescue, a nurse springing into action. the women turned the gappy into a makeshift er. and michelle franzen is on the story. welcome to abc news, grad to have you. >> thank you very much. it was a relaxing flight, but
4:19 am
instead for linda, it was anything but. she was working on the puzzle and asked the crew for help with a medical emergency. that's when they rushed to treat the patient who turned out to be the pilot of the plane. when the pilot of yunited airlines tliegt 1637, suffered an apparent heart attack, it was nurses who sprang into action saving the day. >> came over the psa asking if anything had any medical experience. >> the denver-bound flight originated in des moines. there was a medical emergency, and the flight turned around to make an emergency landing in omaha. >> what happens in movies, this isn't what happens in real life. >> the 24-year-old from wyoming, along with a veteran nurse from california say the captain was showing signs of suffering from cardiac arrest.
4:20 am
>> he was slumped over in his chair and mumbling inco herntly. >> passengers looked on as they scrambled to stabilize him. >> once in the gallie, we went to work. >> and they captured the tense mom moments in the makeshift er. >> it was scary. >> both working to safe a life, but neither call their actions heroic. >> i don't see myself as a hero. i did what i know for a patient who needed it. >> it's what we're trained for, expected to do. >> she's a hero. >> to save somebody's life, that's the definition of a hero to me. >> united airlines did not release the name of the pilot but he is expected to be okay. and if all of that wasn't enough, a second call went out, this time the co pilot asking if there was another pilot on board that could help. and a retired pilot came forward and the co-pilot was able to
4:21 am
land saflly. >> good passenger roster. thank you. and back over to meteorologist chris knowles. >> and the midwest, 42 degrees in chicago, it's winter time. and after the winter so far. dry for most people, some great lakes snow for just a few people out there. but the keyword is mild for the midwest. and comes issues, of course. go to the video and show you what's happening in chicago. ice falling from skyscrapers. this is no fun. i saw this happen at madison square garden last year, giant sheet of ice fell on a nice lady from london. it's being hit with a large rock. no fun there. that's what could and is happening in the midwest. colder air. we mention the return of the polar vortex. a baby one. a piece of this. cold air returns in the midwest. temperatures are indeed
4:22 am
dropping. we take a look now in southern california. did mention the dangerous winds later on today, red flag warnings go up there, so the fire danger is present. that's what's happening across the nation. here's your neighborhood. a good day for weather in the northeast. golf game -- >> play some golf. >> i knew it. middle 40s. >> lucky. >> until the baby polar vortex. >> little baby. >> so cute. thanks, chris. coming up on "good morning
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america," pastor accused, prosecutors reveal for the first time how they say a baptist pastor brutally stabbed his wife to death. his lawyer this morning. plus the guy who may be more nervous than the nominees heading into the golden globes. he's the chef that has to cook for the stars. and the other hunk in angelina jolie's life, who is he, and should brad be jealous? [ female announcer ] right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal a cold sore in as few as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spreads from cell to cell. unlike other treatments, abreva penetrates deep to block the virus, to protect healthy cells so cold sores heal fast. as fast as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign.
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. okay. >> okay, this is video we just can't get enough of this moerng. we wish we had teachers like this guy. teaching the students how to bust a move. he's not bad. check it out. it's going viral on instagram. and wearing a tie. what a true professional. >> things have changed since i was in high school. >> and their cheering him on. >> this is in brooklyn. >> he's a catholic school teacher in brooklyn. >> too much coffee. >> either this was photo shopped for ron, or too much coffee app mixture of it. >> we'll look into it. >> we appreciate your cynicism. and brace yourself, nerds, i include myself, a season preview
4:31 am
of game of throwns. that's coming up. but first, new wrinkles in the case of the former pastor accused of murders his wife. >> took six months, only arresting him after he allegedly tried to flee the country. >> good morning, it is still a mystery why they waited so long. he's now charged with murder, and the authorities are revealing the gruesome details of the alleged crime. court documents accuse rifchard shahan of murdering his wife. that he quote, did intentionally cause the death of another person by stabbing and cutting the victim with an unknown object. he maintains his innocence. >> richard has maintains his innocent, he was not involved in the death of his wife.
4:32 am
>> he was arrested on new year's day as they say he was trying to flee the country less than six months after his wife was found dead in the home. >> once he got to germany and russia, the chances of extraditing him are nil. >> but lawyers say he long-planned the trip to kazakhstan to work as a missionary. he was detailing the three-year mission. >> they have known all along he was going to travel. why wait? >> he was detained for questioning and then released. but police say that inconsistent answers to their questions raised suspicions. >> the family and he's there, and he stands ready to answer the charges. >> the former pastor made a brief appearance where the judge read the charge filed against him. he's being held in the johnson
4:33 am
county jail in alabama without bond. in terms of a motive, they discovered one, but not revealing it yet. >> still more to come. >> a lot more to come. thank you. a lot of news overnight. and ron? >> good morning, everyone. and alex rodriguez hit with a 162 game suspension after violating the league's policy banning performance-enhancing drugs. it will sideline him for the entire up coming season. he will fight in federal court. and the lane closures were illegal. governor chris christie knew nothing about the closures that were ordered by top aids. and protest in texas, a hunting club auctioned off a hunting license for a rhino for
4:34 am
$350,000. they are facing heavy criticism because only 5,000 black rhinos left in the wild. the rhino to be hunted is old and a non-breeding male. and good news from the cold weather, a family in chicago working to fix a frozen pipe discovered a diamond ring. they tracked down the previous owner and told her the good news. the woman says she got it back just in time for her 40th wedding anniversary. and time for the weather and the football picks. >> talk about that and d.c. 51 for a high today. take you to d.c., and take a look at the nation's capital. you are looking live at the potomac river. very closely, two eye on this, a little bit of ice. it's out there. but today, 46, warming up to 51. and take a look around the country. the mild weather is part of it
4:35 am
across the nation. most of the highs mild. the colder air later on this week. but out west, it's a very windy day there. wind watches and advisories all across the western third of the nation, dangerous travel, 40-70 mile per hour gusts for the west. the mountains of snow. we hinted yesterday. now three feet of snow. this is a problem for the cascades, this is the northern rocky issue. by monday, blowing snow and up to three feet of that wet and white stuff out there. across the nation, mild for most, fair in the east. that's the national forecast. he's a look at what's happening in your neighborhood. this weather report has been
4:36 am
brought to brought to you by massage envy spa. >> san diego? denver in. >> i'm going san diego. they look tough. >> and carolina or san francisco? you're wrong. >> we're going to get you tissues. who will walk away with the trophy tonight. and why the show is always full of surprises. and doesn't get more adorable than this. the cheetah cub and labrador puppy mixing it up. more in pop news.
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well, thanks to an open bar and flee-flowing champagne, the golden globes is the most unpredictable awards show. >> host tina fey and amy poehler are going to give solid one-liners. the big question is who has the top prize. sara haines knows who is going to win. >> i can not reveal the envelope
4:41 am
until tonight. it's one of my favorite award shows. surprises are a guarantee. we have a preview of the festivity. it's the ultimate night for the audience members. they get a three-course dinner, appetizing appetizers, entrees of smoked filet of atlantic sea trout. and plenty of mediterranean spice crusted beef braised short ribs. delectable distractions. but don't miss the big moment when they read your winning name. >> christine lottie. >> you know, i was in the bathroom. >> they aren't here for the food and drink. >> tonight we honor the television shows that have been here all year, and the movies in theaters for two days.
4:42 am
>> host amy poehler -- >> i very much hope i win. >> compete at this beverly hills spectacle. >> we got drunk -- >> so she's acting. but there is lsice liquor at ev table. captain fiphilips, 12 years a slave and gravity. and american hustle and three other comedy or musical nominees. woody allen will not be there to get the cecil b. demille achievement. >> we try to better ourselves every year. >> chris o'connell is one of three executive chefs masterminding dinner and desert -- mango on almond sponge cake. and more icing on the cake, tina fey and amy poehler will be back
4:43 am
hosting the golden globes in 2015. >> okay. >> and if you just can't wait until tonight, good news, the guys at facebook crunched the numbers on who is getting the most buzz on facebook post and comments. sandra bullock for her role in gravity and could win the big one. and best actor in a drama, seems people have a hankering, yes, i said it, for tom hanks and captain phillips. you can go to yahoo! and to "good morning america".com for the latest from the red carpet. every moment as it happens. >> i'm going to make mango sponge cake. >> and bring this in tomorrow, we'll discuss it. >> i love amy and tina. they're hilarious. >> my favorite. >> thank you, sarah. coming up work it could be
4:44 am
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[ male announcer ] you say tomato. ♪ old el paso says diced tomato stand 'n stuff chicken tacos. ♪ you say what's for dinner? old el paso says start somewhere fresh. all right, we can't get enough of sara haines. back you with "pop news." >> thank you. good morning, fans of game of thrones can expect the preview of the trailer. it's a preview of the preview. fans are going crazy for the sneak peak. take a look. ♪ and get excited, the new trailer
4:49 am
will be released tonight at 8:58, not 8:59 or 57, but 8:58 eastern. i know where you'll be tonight. >> i'm going to wait for the dragons, absolutely. >> total nerd, i love you throw. from hot to have to just plain hot. angelina jolie has a sexy new man, a hunk yy australian train. he's helping her down under and working on the new film. not surprising at all, he's excited about working with ms. jolie. describing her as professional and down to earth. >> he's in decent shape. >> and he could be half as cute as he is. round up on that. >> brad pitt, though. >> exactly. but next up, meet these cutis. although we don't think of cats and dogs as a match made in heaven, bonded like brothers, this cheetah cub and labrador
4:50 am
puppy are being raised together. the 6 month old has been suffering from respiratory illness. but he's feeling a lot better. >> look at that. my ball. >> when they're babies like that, they're more alike than different. >> i think they pair puppies and cheetahs quite frequently. they do it at the columbus zoo. >> i'll check on that. >> i'm making this up. jungle jack hanna does it. i like game of thrones, i like animals, i am a nerd on different levels. >> dan knows what's going on. >> exactly. finally, the ultimate gift for dan harris. comes from alex and his kitten, winslow. he decided to take advantage of a groupen deal for a family portrait at jcpenney.
4:51 am
that's not dan harris, although he wishes he was right now. being that guy, of course. >> totally. >> right now, yeah. cute. >> and they use those pictures, the cat got sick, and they used the popularity of the pictures to fix the cat. it's all true. >> take it from here, dan. >> yes, it's absolutely true. >> it's adorable. made it even cuter. >> we are going to commercial, so we will be right back, thank you. >> cheetahs and dogs at the columbus zoo. >> thank you, we're going to commercial. we'll be right back. >> i tried to save you. >> can't let ron run with that. the creamy taste of almond breeze almondmilk makes everything good even better... from the bowls of cereal you make... to all the delicious recipes you bake. because inside every carton is the goodness of blue diamond almonds.
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>> almost out of time today. what did you say? >> a chog, it's a cheetah and a dog. >> like a liger. wise guy. making stuff up. we'll see you later and take care.
4:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, january 12th. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. good morning to you. we have some fog left over from yesterday's rain and the atmosphere continues to cool. so numbers are hovering around freezing in parts of the north bay. look at the visibility. quarter of a mile in napa with two miles in oakland. right now the coast is at five miles and three quarters of a mile out in livermore. so be careful out there. we are looking at temperatures on the chilly side but by 7:00 we will be up in the upper 30s. low to mid-40s elsewhere. more sunshine is on tap for the afternoon with mid-50s by noontime


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